Golden Crown Chinese Restaurant

Popular Favorites

Double Cream Cheese Wontons

Crispy and crunchy on the outside, yet creamy goodness on the inside. These wontons are a must have! Dip it in our homemade sweet and sour sauce for the perfect starter to any meal.

Fried Rice

Our fried rice is always hot and fresh out of the wok because each dish is cooked to order. Have an entire plate as the main dish or as a side. Gluten free options are available so anyone can enjoy it.

Lo Mein

A mountain of soft noodles piled sky high with a variety of veggies and choice of meat. This dish is popular among both kids and adults. This is the perfect opportunity to test your chopstick skills.

Mongolian Beef

Hot and spicy tender sliced beef with soft sauteed onions and carrots. This dish will have your mouth watering before the very first bite.